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Tension and pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be treated with neuromuscular dentistry to manage or alleviate symptoms and restore ideal occlusion or bite. 

k7 Computer

ILAS is proud to be one of only a handful of dental offices in the LA area that have the K7 Jaw Tracking Computer. The K7 Jaw Tracking uses multiple sensors in an extremely light weight Sensor Array (four ounce). The K7 tracks the motion of a tiny magnet attached to the lower incisal gingiva with adhesive material and is totally non-invasive and does not interfere with patient function like a clutch. In addition, the K7 records TMJ noises when and where they occur as well as muscle activation in the orthognastic “chewing” system. This often allows us to isolate exactly where the problem is in the jaw joint and how to fix it. 

Removable Orthotic or Night Guard Treatment

A night guard, or orthotic, can alleviate the majority of TMJ pain, so much so that some of our guests like to wear it during the daytime as well! This oral appliance is easily fitted by taking impressions, which are then used by our lab to create your custom orthotic.

Neuromuscular Orthotic

ILAS has helped many people relieve bothersome TMJ issues with neuromuscular orthotics, both removable and fixed. If you’re experiencing any TMJ pain or symptoms, please feel free to come and speak to us at ILAS: your neuromuscular dentist. Our results speak for themselves!

Full Mouth Reconstruction

TMJ treatment with full mouth reconstruction is a fantastic way to treat TMJ issues without needing a removable or fixed orthotic. With full mouth restoration, every tooth is restored with porcelain, allowing ILAS to restore the ideal positioning and length of each tooth. When tooth position and length are optimal, the jaw muscles relax, and TMJ symptoms are often reduced if not fully alleviated. Full mouth reconstruction is also ideal for anyone with old fillings and dentistry.

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