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General Dentistry
Teeth Cleanings

With regular dental cleanings and consistent home care, we’re confident that healthy teeth and gums can be enjoyed for a lifetime! At ILAS, we offer not only teeth cleanings but also other alternative hygiene treatments if needed. If we find periodontal disease or gingivitis during a cleaning, our hygienists are trained in the use of antibiotic placement and lasers for bacterial reduction, which helps shrink diseased pockets. It’s our goal to keep our patients out of the periodontist’s office, where surgery is often needed.

We recommend that you get regular teeth cleanings and periodic x-rays that allow us to detect cavities and other dental issues before they become serious problems. The sooner dental issues are discovered, the easier and less costly the solution!

Dental Lasers

At ILAS, we use a diode laser that treats soft tissue for canker sores and aphthous sores and is also used to remove unhealthy tissue and smooth out uneven tissue heights to obtain optimal cosmetic results.


Fillings are often used to care for cavities in teeth, also known as dental decay. Cavities often occur as a result of constant contact with an acidic environment or from a lack of routine or thorough cleaning. Drinking soda and/or high fructose energy drinks can be extremely damaging to teeth and can cause cavities. Failing to properly clean teeth and to floss on a daily basis may also eventually lead to cavities.

There are several different materials that can be used in fillings. Composites, also known as “white fillings,” are made of biocompatible material that can be used for cosmetic bonding purposes and are a popular alternative to mercury fillings.


At ILAS, we provide only the highest quality, custom-made porcelain crowns available. This is an important distinction, as other dental offices may choose to use lower quality “porcelain fused to metal” crowns, which may result in a patient having an allergic reaction due to the nickel content in the metal. We use only porcelain crowns to eliminate the nickel contamination and also because less tooth structure is removed during preparation.

The only other material we use for our crowns is high-quality gold — an incredibly strong and flexible material. As a consumer, be wary of what metals are used in your gold crowns, because inexpensive, lower quality gold crowns can also cause allergic reactions and tissue irritation.

Missing Teeth

When teeth are missing in your smile, there are several cosmetic solutions to choose from. Options for missing teeth include dental implants, partials, bridges, or dentures. Bridges are the best option when there is a missing tooth and the teeth on either side of it have crowns or fillings. If the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are healthy and require minimal dental work, an implant is ideal. If multiple teeth are missing, patients should consider partials, dental implants, or dentures. Whatever your situation, we have the best solution for you!

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