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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is a driving factor in many of our guests’ decisions about their teeth and smile. We understand how confusing dental insurance can be and want to help in any way possible. ILAS is dedicated to maximizing your dental insurance benefits and will continue to assist you throughout the entire process.

When you are here for a visit, payment will be due in full at time of service. Upon completion of your visit, we will file your insurance claim. 

To have a successful insurance experience, please remember it takes commitment between each unique guest and our office. It’s important to be proactive and familiar with your dental plan. If you communicate with us in regards to any requests or problems, we will help you in a prompt and courteous manner.


Often times insurance companies are not looking out for your best interest. Insurance companies make money by denying benefits. We have found that the better insurance companies cover a wide range of services.

ILAS has completed a clinical diagnosis and recommended treatment with your best interest and health in mind. Some plans, however, exclude or discourage necessary dental treatment such as sealants, adult orthodontics, and other dental needs. Guests need to be aware of the exclusions and limitations in their dental plan, but should not let those factors determine their treatment decisions.

It’s our goal at ILAS to help you maximize your insurance benefits. We can submit a predetermination of benefits on any future service that is recommended. Please keep in mind that these often take 15-30 days to receive a response. If you haven’t received a response within this time frame, please call your insurance company to see if they have received the predetermination, and if so, what the status is. If they haven’t received it, please give our office a call; many times insurance claims are lost in the shuffle at the insurance office and need to be resubmitted. If it is important that you receive the estimate before your scheduled treatment, we may need to reschedule your visit to allow time. It is also important to remember that this is only an estimate of benefits: not a guarantee of payment.

At this time, ILAS is considered an in network provider for many insurance companies.

Your maximum benefit is the total dollar amount your dental insurance plan will pay toward the cost of dental care incurred by you in one calendar year. This amount varies per plan, however, typically it is between $1,000 – $1,500.

Most plans have a one time or lifetime orthodontic benefit. This means in the lifetime of your insurance plan coverage, they will pay out a benefit only once. Usually this benefit ranges from $1,000 – $1,500 and does include coverage for invisible braces. We would recommend calling your insurance company to see if your plan covers orthodontics. Additionally, we can submit a predetermination of benefits for any future orthodontic treatment.

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